What our patients had to say

"I am really pleased to have been referred to Nicolise for my leg and foot pain. Straight after the first treatment, you were able to ease my pain just by mobilizing my pressure points in my leg. I knew that my long and desperate journey had finally reached the place of genuine help. What amazing service. I was very impressed with the way you analysed the problem as well as how personalised the exercise recovery program was. I'm back in the road running again thanks to Nicolise."
Wade O'Connor
"Ek is ‘n 70-jarige vrou en het ongeveer 14 jaar gelede’n rugoperasie gehad maar het nog steeds soms baie pyn en ongemak. Ek was aangenaam verras. Haar “onderhoud” met my was selfs langer as die behandeling. Sy het deeglik navraag gedoen en my spesifieke probleem aangespreek voordat sy die nodige fisioterapie toegepas het. Sy het ook vir my oefeninge gegee om tuis te doen. Ek voel tevrede dat dit ‘n geslaagde behandeling was wat nie ‘n opvolg nodig gehad het nie."
Alta Vrey
I had an informative and pleasant experience. Nicolise is very professional and is exceptional in her work. I can definitely recommend her.
Marguerite Neethling
"Nicolise had offered me a great service in understanding my problem and need which, most imortantly allowed me to recuperate quickly and get back on the road as soon as possible. I would recommend her and have done so successfully. Thank you, Nicolise. "
Russell Searl
"Thank you Nicolise! I came down to the Cape for a 2 week holiday and you were able to sort out my neck and back problems for me. I had been in such pain for 3 months and had even been to a Neurosurgeon for advice. Your treatment of physio, back alignment exercises and strengthening exercises have made my life manageable once again. I can sleep again without waking in pain and discomfort. I certainly don’t feel my age of over 60 anymore."
Sandy Curry