Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory physiotherapy aims at achieving optimal lung function. Using certain breathing techniques and exercise regimes, treatment improves chest expansion, optimizes ventilation and assists in clearing secretions. Endurance also forms a part of respiratory rehabilitation. Conditions include post-op chest infections, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

Home Visits

We offer physiotherapy services in the comfort of your own home. It is important to monitor your oxygen levels closely, therefore we teach you to control your breathing, improve endurance and clear secretions. We also provide post-covid rehabilitation, aiming to regain previous endurance, optimise lung function and getting you back to your previous level of function.

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is usually compromised when lymph nodes are removed due to biopsies or cancer.  This causes lymphedema – swelling that is usually visible in the upper or lower extremities.

Lymphatic drainage is ideal for lymphedema. We use special lymphatic massage techniques to decrease and manage the swelling.  We also provide you with exercises tailored to your needs.

Orthopaedic Conditions

Orthopaedic conditions include any form of muscle or joint-related aches and pains. This can be acute or chronic, as well as pre-and post-operative conditions. Physiotherapy is crucial in identifying the source of the problem and treating pain accordingly by using different techniques such as joint mobilization, stability retraining and specific muscle-strengthening exercises. We aim to achieve optimal joint positioning, improve posture and mobility and prevent muscle imbalances.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are one of the most common conditions treated by physiotherapists.  However, they can easily reoccur if not fully rehabilitated.

We strive to ensure optimal joint mobility, muscle strength and balance before returning to sport. Strapping can also be incorporated as needed.

Sports Massage Therapy

We are qualified to provide professional massage therapy for sports-related conditions as well as relaxation.

Massage therapy is beneficial in obtaining good muscle length, improved mobility, improved circulation, stress relief, enhanced soft tissue recovery and stimulates the lymphatic system, etc.