What We Do

At Nicolise Goosen Physiotherapy, we conduct a detailed assessment of your condition, treating it accordingly, rehabilitate as necessary and refer when needed. Physiotherapy is a professional service to all age groups.

Physiotherapy entails various techniques, hands-on skills, dry needling, soft tissue work and rehabilitation exercises to address each client’s needs.

Why Choose Us?

Nicolise Goosen Physiotherapy is a top choice for patients due to specialized services, experienced staff, and a positive reputation. Specializing in a wide variety of conditions, our expertise attracts those seeking targeted treatments.  Convenient location, extended hours and personalized treatment plans further enhance our clients satisfaction.

Our Mission

“We strive to offer every client with the best possible evidence-based treatment services in order to reach their goals and improve pain and function. Every client is assured to be treated with professionalism, respect and empathy.”

What Our Patients Say:

I had an informative and pleasant experience. Nicolise is very professional and is exceptional in her work. I can definitely recommend her.

Marguerite Neethling

Nicolise had offered me a great service in understanding my problem and need which, most imortantly allowed me to recuperate quickly and get back on the road as soon as possible. I would recommend her and have done so successfully. Thank you, Nicolise.

Russel Searl

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our software system connects directly with the Medical Aids. We can also check to see if the member has funds for physio.

We send statements after sessions via email where you can EFT or pay cash at the practice.

Yes, we can send our patients directly for X-rays. Your physio will complete a form with the necessary request.

Private rates are R480 per session. 

Medical aid rates vary depending on the scheme rates (±R510).

Travelling costs are an additional ±R50 per home visit.

For upper back, neck and arm conditions, a camisole or sports bra is preferred.

For lower-limb conditions, loose-fitting shorts are preferred.

Yes we offer home visits within the Helderberg region.

Yes, we offer Dry Needling Therapy as one of our services. It may cause slight discomfort rather than pain.

Referral Network

It is often necessary to refer a patient to a specialist or other medical practitioner. In this case, we have an established network with Doctors in the area to which we can refer or recommend you to.

General Practitioners

General practitioners are the front-line healthcare providers who offer a broad spectrum of medical services, with an emphasis on primary care, prevention, and the overall well-being of their patients.


Medical specialists are physicians who have acquired in-depth knowledge and expertise in a particular area of medicine. They are an essential part of the healthcare system, providing advanced care for patients with specific and often complex medical conditions.

Allied Health

Allied health professionals are a diverse group of healthcare workers who provide essential diagnostic, therapeutic, and supportive services, playing a vital role in patient care and the overall functioning of the healthcare system. They work alongside physicians and other healthcare providers to ensure the well-being of patients.

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